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About our charitable giving

We believe businesses should give something back to the community within which they work. That's why we donate some of our time and profits to local groups and organisations who help to make life better for others. 

We don't support political or religious causes but we do encourage communication, welfare and education projects that make a difference to people's lives.

In the past year, we have provided our time and expertise to support a local Guide group with their accounts records.  This frees up the leaders to get on with the important business of offering young people a chance to show what they can achieve.

We have also made a donation to support a local newsletter team which faced production difficulties due to Covid-19. This will, we hope, help them to cover some of their unexpected costs and to continue to share local news within our neighbouring villages.

If you are a local resident and would like us to consider a worthy cause for a financial award of up to £200, please get in touch and explain, briefly, what difference the grant would make.

Awards are made annually and will be at the discretion of the Directors.